14 kegs, 5 real ales, 5 real ciders, organic & natural wines as well as an eclectic seasonal home cooked food menu


Welcome to the newly opened Black Dog, Brentford’s newest pub with an array of beer, wines and spirits from solely independent producers.

We have an eclectic menu made entirely fresh and in-house with seasonal produce and love from our kitchen team.



At the Black Dog we have the freedom to purchase products from wherever and whoever we like, and that’s a damn good thing!

With 14 keg lines, 5 real ales, 5 real ciders and over 50 bottled beverages we will be bringing you a variety of beer and cider goodness from all over the UK and abroad.

We also boast a modest but carefully selected quality wine list including organic and natural wines.

Our in house brewery Fearless Nomad will be slowly developing and you get to join us on our brewing journey. You can’t get any fresher beer than straight from the source, so keep an ear out for each new release.



A Guy from Australia, let’s call him Pete, decided one day to head to the UK for a “Working Holiday”.

That was many moons ago.

A Girl from Canada, let’s call her Ash, decided one day to head to the UK for a “Working Holiday”.

Yep that was a while ago too.

Both eventually met, fell in love and had many adventures together. One day they realised they had a knack for running pubs, and thought Hey! Let’s stick some chains to our ankles and buy a pub lease, yeh that’s a great idea!

There was also this other Guy, let’s call him James. Apart from being an amazing and well-travelled Chef, he’s also Pete’s brother.

One day Ash & Pete asked James if he wanted to take a leap of faith and travel halfway across the world and join them on their journey, and he agreed......phew!

And here we are.....

We hope you enjoy what we have created at The Black Dog Beer House. Our aim is to slowly hypnotise you into thinking our pub is the best in the world......a simple but effective plan!

We firmly believe simplicity is the key to life, so come join us, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Fearless Nomad


We are excited to bring you Fearless Nomad; a new brewery we hope will grow with the pub and eventually beyond….but that’s getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

With a 100 litre kit producing small pilot batches initially and a nice shiny 1 barrel kit in the pipeline, we will be slowly perfecting our craft and exploring the brewing landscape. Along with well-known styles, Fearless Nomad is going to be all about adventure and taking a leap of faith, so expect some odd surprises…..and yeh there’s going to be some casualties along the way but we are all going to enjoy the beery ride together.

If you want to know more about Fearless Nomad drop in and have a chat.



Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you

Please be aware that under 18s are allowed in the pub every day until 8:30pm*

Please be aware that Sunday bookings are for 2 hour sittings, if you require more time please request at time of booking


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