Tap List 17/06/2019


Steigl, Goldbrau Austrian Lager 4.9%

Schremser, Hausbier Pils 4.0%

Ashridge, Cider Medium sparkling Cider 4.5%

Titanic, Titanic stout 4.5%

tVerzet,Raspberry old bruin 6.0%

Ora Brewing, Ermes Italian Lager 4.7%

Gipsy Hill,/Fierce Beer, Single hop series 6 %%

Collective Arts,saint of circumstance blonde 4.7%

Black Iris & Beatnikz, Today’s Empires tomorrows glasses,6.0%

Electric Bear, Stay Tan-gee, Pale, 5.2%

The Kernel Pale,Gem Idaho Taiheke 5,3%

Redchurch, great easter ipa 7.4%

Gipsy Hill, Swamper NEPA 3.5%

Vibrant Forest, Kick Start Stout 5.7%


Atom, Dark Matter Stout 4.5%

Buxton, Moor Top Pale Ale 3.6%

E.L.B, Quadruped Black Apa 5.3%

Bad seed, Bright Lights Big City 4.8%

Marble Brewery, Manchester Bitter 4.2%

Great Heck, Washington Red 4.7%


Ventons, Skippy’s Scrumpy 6.5%

Lukes Cider, First Batch 5.0%

Bollhayes, Vintage Dry 6.5%

Moons, Farmhouse Medium 6.0%

Southdowns, Strawberry 4.0%