Bar Snacks

Ortiz Anchovies in olive oil £7.00

Spanish spicy mussels £6.50

Jose smoked small sardines in extra virgin olive oil £7.00

Octopus in olive oil £7.50

Spiced Mackerel Paté £7.00

Ortiz Tuna in olive oil £6.50

All tinned seafood served with fresh lemon,

grilled sourdough rubbed with garlic & fresh tomato

Darling Spuds Crisps £1.20

  Salty Dog Nuts £1.00

Soffle’s Pitta Chips £1.75

House made Pickled Egg  £1.00

Andalou olive antipasti blend £2.50

Pfefferbeisser ‘pepper bites’ £3.50

And other house made nibbles changing daily!