Tap List 17/04/2019


Steigl, Goldbrau Austrian Lager 4.9%

Schremser, Hausbier Pils 4.0%

Ashridge, Cider Medium sparkling Cider 4.5%

Jefferson’s Brewery, Big Fred, Dry-Hopped American Lager 4.6%

The Kernel, Table Beer 3.0%

Big Smoke, Fruju, NEIPA 4.9%

 Fyne Ales, Beer Life Balance, Citrus Grisette 4%

 Moor/Lost and Grounded, Stick and Bones, Smoked Dark Ale, 4.7%

Wander Beyond, I Have Bigger Walruses Than You, Nordic Strong Ale 8.2%

Siren Craft Brew, Liquid Mistress, Red IPA 5.8%

Brew York/Bone Machine, Raid On Sigtuna, Sour Ale, 4.5%

Uprising, Marula Matata 5.0%

 Ampersand, Bidon session pale 3.9%

Liquid Light, Into The Void 5.6%


Northern Powerhouse, porter 4.9%

First Chop, Jam, Mango Pale 4.0%

Summer Wine, Resistance, Dark Mild 3.7%

         First Chop, MCR, Manchester Bitter 4.4%

Kew Brewery, Mr Brownstone brown IPA 5.0%

Reunion Ales, Incredible, Pale Ale 5.0%


Ascension, Love is in the pear 4.0%

Cowfold Cider, Silly Moo 5%

Fine Kent Perry, Double Vision 7.4%

Craftsmen, Medium Dry 5.6%

Olivers, Traditional Medium Cider 6.5%